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Critical Care Training Program

Critical Care Training Program (CCTP) CCTP is a program designed for RNs with no critical care experience and at least 1 year of acute care experience that are interested in transitioning to the Critical Care Region here at Stanford Medicine—Stanford Health Care.

Critical Care Units hiring:
  • Critical Care Float Pool
  • E2 - Medical/Oncology
  • J2 - CVICU
  • J4 - CCU/CVICU
  • K4 - Trauma/Surgical/Transplant
  • L4- Neuro
  • M4 - Medical

Next Cohort Starts: March 18, 2024. 
    Education Qualifications:
    Must be a graduate from an accredited ADN, BSN or MSN program. Accredited online programs included. 

      1 year, within the last 2 years, of Acute Care or Emergency Department RN experience required.
      2 years, within the last 3 years, of Acute Care or Emergency Department RN experience preferred.

    Licenses and Certifications:
      California Registered Nurse (RN) license
      Basic Life Support (BLS) certification for providers issued by the American Heart Association
     Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) certification issued by the American Heart Association
    ​​​​​​Application Components
      • Cover Letter Required
      • Resume
        • Work Experience: Must provide job title, responsiblities and time frame for employment
      • Online Application - will include three essay questions about clinical experience. ​​​​​​​

      Program Timeline

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      November 12th-26th, 2023
      Applications Open for the Critical Care Training Program. Apply Here.

      CCTP Alumni Testiomials 

      The CCTP Program prepared me for a career in the Critical Care setting by providing me
      with 10weeks of preceptorship with preceptors who provided excellent learning opportunities by advocating for interesting patient assignments and pushing me to become a more competent and organized nurse. Additionally, CCTP provided theory classes that supplemented my learning and helped integrate what I was doing at the bedside into the classroom.

      CCTP gave me insight into additional leadership roles that are available on my unit and within the region. I feel like the best part of the program was my preceptorship! I was lucky to have preceptors who cared about my growth and were good at training a nurse transitioning into the ICU.

      My “WHY” … I wanted to work in critical care because I wanted to work in a setting
      where my work would make more of a direct impact to the patients who needed it the most and because I wanted to further grow my nursing skillset. My biggest takeaway from the program is that CCTP provides an excellent opportunity for nurses who want to continue growing their nursing skillset
      Kevin V CCTP Graduate 2022
      I definitely feel like I have improved greatly in terms of clinical proficiency building
      knowledge and skills to effectively perform careful decision making and practice towards
      patient care. 
      Jamie E CCTP Graduate 2023
      The camaraderie it brought knowing that I'm not alone embarking on this new journey
      in my career and hearing other people feel the same way I do/did in regards to feeling stuck and imposter syndrome was the best value
      Romi U. CCTP Graduate 2023