Current Fellows

Vikram Bellamkonda
Vikram Bellamkonda received his bachelor’s degree in Public Health from the California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo (SLO) in 2021. During his undergraduate years, Vikram was exposed to many different opportunities within the healthcare industry. He served as the Registry Manager for UCSF’s Center for Global Surgical Studies, a Quality Improvement Intern under the Chief Quality Officer of a local hospital in SLO, and was also the Marketing and Finance Intern for a healthcare start-up driven towards providing private practice organizations with innovative billing systems and patient management platforms.

Wanting to learn more about the complex dynamics of administration and management in healthcare, he went on to pursue his Master of Health Administration and became a graduate of Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health in 2023. While attending Columbia, Vikram worked at UCLA Health’s Performance Excellence department, focusing on pediatric service line efficiency, discharge optimization, outpatient coordination, and staff management. His work primarily revolved around improving the patient care transition from the inpatient to outpatient space, as well as supporting General Service staff in maintaining hospital operations amidst major staffing shortages. Vikram also worked as a consultant for a national pediatric urgent care organization, advising the expansion of their emergency care model to include behavioral & mental health services.

Vikram is excited to be a part of the continued advancement of health care through technology and digital platforms. He hopes to work within a wide breadth of quality and patient experience improvements while at SHC - projects centered towards better supporting patients with equitable, efficient, and safe care.