Nurse Residency Program The Stanford Health Care Nurse Residency Program, started in 2006 and has since grown into a meaningful and impactful foundation for new graduate nurses transitioning into professional practice
Nurse Residency Program Events:
May 31- June 16, 2023 - Interview invites sent out via e-mail
June 6th - Interview Prep Webinar - 12pm PST - Join Here
June 19 - June 9, 2023 Panel & Unit Interviews

August 21, 2023 - Cohort 39 Starts

The Stanford Nurse Residency Program 

  • 280+ hours of direct clinical orientation with a dedicated preceptor
  • High fidelity simulation activities that focus on acute coronary syndrome, Code blue, sepsis and respiratory failure
  • Monthly seminars facilitated by content experts that focus on: individual learning styles, clinical reasoning and critical thinking (care of the cardiac, pulmonary, neuro, oncology and septic patient), palliative care, wound management, vascular access management, scope of practice, communication, delegation, time management, resource management, ethical considerations, self-care, resiliency, stress management, teamwork, career planning and professional growth and development.
  • Evidence-Based Project: Supported through the Department of Nursing Research and the Center for Education and Professional Development, each nurse resident is a part of creating an evidence-based practice project—impacting the quality of care provided in their own clinical areas of practice.
  • The program leaders provide face-to-face support in multiple structured check-ins, helping to ensure that the transition to practice is meaningful and builds a competent, sound and independent professional practice, for each new graduate nurse. 
  • The program is a 1 year commitment. 

Recruitment Process

    • Applicants must have an ASN, BSN or MSN who have graduated from a program accredited by Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE).  Accredited online programs included.
      • With a degree conferral date after December for 1, 2021 for our Fall 2023 cohort.
    • Work visa sponsorship is not available for this position.
    • Must hold current Basic Life Support Certification - issued by the American Heart Association (AHA)
    • Must hold current Registered Nurse licensure – issued by the State of California, by July 28, 2023 for our Fall 2023 cohort. 
      • Interim permits are not accepted
    ​​​​​​Application Components
      • ASN, BSN or MSN from an accredited nursing program
      • Less than 6 months/1040 hours of paid RN experience
      • 2 school of nursing faculty references (please provide faculty name, role and contact information). *No letters of recommendation are required
      • Complete college transcripts and transfer transcripts, if applicable (Unofficial copies are accepted)
      • Current Resume 
      • Cover Letter
      • Prompted essay questions - please answer the following (within the application, this is not a separate attachement):
        • Tell us about a time during your clinical rotation when you experienced a caring moment with a patient. How did this moment affect the patient’s outcome and how has it changed your clinical practice?
        • Tell us about a time you had an error in judgement (can be personally, professionally or academically). What happened? What did you learn from this experience? How has this experience shaped you into the nursing professional that you are today?
        • Tell us about a time you provided service to a community (examples: assisted a neighbor in need, volunteered at a homeless shelter, coached a youth sports team). What type of service did you provide? How has serving a community prepared you for a profession that is committed to compassionate service?
        • Successful completion of a nursing program requires hard work, persistence, dedication and resilience. Share with us what initially motivated you to pursue a career in nursing? What goals did you set for yourself? What obstacles did you have to overcome to achieve those goals?
      Selection Timeline
        The Stanford Health Care Nurse Residency Program is PTAP accredited by the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC). 

        ​​​​​​​​​​​​​Cohort 39

        April 3, 2023- April 16, 2023: Application Posted 
        June 19, 2023- June 30, 2023: Panel Interviews 

        August 21, 2023:    Cohort 39 Start Date 

        Specialties Offered
          • ICU (General/Surgical/Trauma, CVICU, Cardiothoracic, Medical Oncology, Neuro)
          • AAU (Inpatient Acuity Adaptable Unit) Medicine Division 1: Medicine, Observation, Outpatient Observation | AAU (Inpatient Acuity Adaptable Unit) Medicine Division 2: Neurology, Observation,  Advanced Lung Disease,  Cardiology/Pulmonary)
          • AAU (Inpatient Acuity Adaptable Unit) Surgical Division 1: (Neurosurgery, Ortho, Gynecology/GI Oncology, ENT/Plastics, Trauma/Acute Care Surgery) | AAU (Inpatient Acuity Adaptable Unit) Surgical Division 2: (Hepatology, Nephrology, Liver & Kidney Transplant, Cardiac Surgery/Transplant/LVAD, Cardiothoracic/Vascular/Transplant, Surgical Oncology, Colorectcal Surgery, Urology-Surgery)
          • Oncology (BMT/CAR-T, BMT/Hematology, Hematology/Oncology & Medical Oncology)
          • Nursing Research & Clinical Trials 
          • Emergency Department (Adult) 

          Stanford New Grad RN Program Zoom Q&A Sessions

           Application Prep and Overview of our New Grad RN Residency (Recorded March 2023)
           Stanford New Grad RN Program Interview Prep (Recorded January 2023)

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