Acute Care Transition Program (ACT)

Acute Care Transition Program: Non Acute to Acute Care 

The Acute Care Transition (ACT) Program is designed for registered nurses with at least 1 year experience who have minimal or little acute care experience, and desire to transition into an acute care setting.

The program is a 6 month structured program that features:
  • Clinical precepted time to support personal learning needs
  • ACT Program Seminars
  • Simulations- allowing for safe clinical practice and learning
  • Check-ins with NPDS team members
  • This is a fully benefited position and you continue your career on the unit you were hired at the completion of the program.

This program will provide a strong foundation for a clinical career at Stanford Health Care.
B2 Medicine
B2 Medicine  B2 is a 26 AAU Medicine unit. Patients treated on this unit include Telemetry, Cardiology, Transplant, Dialysis, and Kidney Failure Patients.

Nurse to patient ratio is 3:1 or 4:1.

One of the best things this unit offers is opportunity for a nurse to put their stamp on it. It is a newer unit still building up, there is a lot of opportunity for advancement. If a nurse is interested in precepting, managing, or becoming more involved this is the right place for them.
G1 Gynecology Oncology
G1 Gynecology Oncology G1 is a 27-bed inpatient acuity adaptable unit (AAU) specializing in Gynecology/Gynecology Oncology, as well as med-surge overflow (medicine, medical oncology, surgical overflow.) G1's interdisciplinary team includes nurses, doctors, case managers, social workers, occupational and physical therapists, speech therapists and dieticians. 

Nurse to patient ratio is 4:1.

The primary patient population being cared for on G1 are patients who have gynecological cancer requiring surgical intervention and/or medical management of symptoms or fetal demise. 
Alternative Care Areas
Overflow/Alternative Care Areas  ACA is a 34 bed unit (27 in-patient PACU and 7 beds in outpatient). This unit provides acute care from multiple units at 300P & 500P. The patient population includes urology, neurosurgery, general surgery and general medicine overflow. 

This is a brand new unit opened in Winter 2022. 

Watch our Acute Care Transition Webinar 

Recorded March 2023

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