Bridge Program to Acute Care Practice We are excited to offer a Bridge Program for experienced RNs seeking entry into Acute Care practice. This program is designed for experienced RNs who have been working in non-acute care settings (ie: Skilled Nursing Facilities, LTACH, Subacute, etc.)

Units Hiring

B2 Medicine
B2 is a 26 AAU Medicine unit. Patients treated on this unit include Telemetry, Cardiology, Transplant, Dialysis, and Kidney Failure Patients.

Nurse to patient ratio is 3:1 or 4:1.

One of the best things this unit offers is opportunity for a nurse to put their stamp on it. It is a newer unit still building up, there is a lot of opportunity for advancement. If a nurse is interested in precepting, managing, or becoming more involved this is the right place for them.
C3 -  Medicine 
C3 is a 26 bed unit that cares for medicine patients as well as stepdown from ICU. Typical patients are Med Surg, Pre and Post Pp, Telemetry, Heart Failure, Failure to Thrive, GI Bleed, ETOH disorders, Arrhythmias, and DKA. The unit also administers drips such as Ketamine, Insulin, Diltiazem, and Metoprolol.

Official Ratio is 4:1 for Tele or IIC assignment and 5:1 for Med-surge, however it is almost always 3:1 and 4:1.

We also have some of the most experienced nurses around who have been on C3 20-30 years
500P Overflow
Overflow is a 34 bed (27 inpatient PACU, 7 outpatient) unit that cares forpatients from miltiple units at 300P & 500P including Urology, Neurology, General Surgery and General Medicine Overflow. 

This is a brand new unit opened in Fall 2022. 

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