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Delivering the most advanced IT services to fuel biomedical science breakthroughs and transform healthcare at Stanford Medicine.

The future of medicine is happening now. Because of you.

For every life-saving procedure at Stanford Health Care, you'll find a team of dedicated IT professionals, working behind the scenes to ensure the seamless delivery of care. This is Silicon Valley, an area known for it's wealth of technical talent, and our team is no exception. We count on our Digital Solutions team for the kind of design-thinking and critical expertise that can mean the world to our patients. 

​​​​​​​For every big challenge, we see an even bigger solution.

Ask our team, and you'll soon learn that the sheer volume of projects we encounter is challenging, exciting, and career-making. Every project brings new opportunities to test your abilities and find inspired solutions, from delivering and interpreting crucial data that could save lives of patients, to identifying innovative ways to trim costs across the organization. Depending on your team, you might be involved in initiatives that bring new virtual help delivery systems to patients, aid in groundbreaking medical research, reduce patient readmissions, or cut turnaround time in key clinical processes.

A culture of collaboration and empowerment.

We are a team of dedicated solution-finder. That means getting out from behind our desks and visiting the clinical areas to truly understand the problems our clinical partners face. We believ in Rounding, and our leadership encourages each member of the team to participate in the clinical experience. You might be invited to watch a surgery in order to better understand the supply process, or participate in bedside visits to talk with patients about their experience.
We don't believe in being order takers. When you're part of this team, you have the support to push back, ask questions, and get to the root of the problem. You're supported by a leadership team that believes in your big ideas, and encourages you to bring the best solutions to every challenge.

Join us for what's next.

Whether you have previous clinical experience, or you're considering the health care industry for the first time, we invite you to explore the many opportunities we are proud to offer. Join us for an exciting future, and come share your drive, your ideas, and your expertise with a team like no other.
Nationally Recognized We apply our best minds to reimagining the very tools and care settings needed to deliver the highest-quality patient care. We have received the "Most Wired" designation by Hospitals Magazine.  Our new Stanford Hospital sets the standard for what health care can and should be in the 21st century.
"What got me excited about Stanford was coming to a place and changing how people perceive health care."
- Adita B., VP, Software and Design

"Get out there, go to the hospitals, talk to the staff, watch them do what they're doing, watch them use the equipment, the software. Help them if you see where they could be doing something better, and take feedback so we can actually improve an application or a process for them."

- Kari B., Administrative Director, Reporting and Analytics