Your Questions Answered Below you will find answers to the questions we get asked about the most when applying to the Stanford Health Care Nurse Residency Program.
Resume  FAQ
Is there a limit to the length on a resume?
There is no limit to the the resume

Is there a specific format for the resume?
There is no specific format for the resume.

What information do you recommend an applicant includes in their resume?
  • Education
    • Include nursing education, degree, school and date of program completion
    • Include non-nursing degrees, school and date of program completion (if applicable)
  • Clinical Rotations
    • Nursing curriculum associated with each rotation 
    • Clinical location of each rotation
    • Number of Hours of each rotation
  • Work Experience & Military Experience
    • Job Title/Role
    • Employer
    • Time of Employment
    • Roles/ Responsibilities 
  • Volunteer Experience
    • Volunteer Title/Role
    • Agency/Supervisor
    • Number of Hours Volunteered
    • Roles/ Responsibilities 
  • Nursing Internship/Externship
    • Intern/Extern Title/Role
    • Agency/Supervisor
    • Time of Internship
    • Roles/ Responsibilities 
  • References 
    • Clinical Faculty References (2)
    • Contact information only, not a letter 

Should I share my work experiences even if they are not health care related?
Absolutely, many work experiences are transferable to healthcare.

Should I share my senior preceptorship experience even if it was not in adult medicine?
Yes, please share all of your clinical experiences

What do I put if I am still completing my clinical hours?
Include all you information regarding the clinical location and put “In Progress” for your clinical hours

What information should I share about my clinical rotations?
Please include your clinical rotation (ie. Critical Care), location (Stanford Health Care), and hours.

Do you give extra points for attending certain nursing schools? GPA? Degree? Clinicals at Stanford?
Our application takes a holistic approach. There are no application points associated with schools of nursing, GPA, or Degree or clinicals at Stanford Health Care.

Is all volunteer work acceptable?
All recent volunteer work is acceptable

What is considered an internship/externship
An internship/externship has one or more of the following features:
  • May or may not be a paid position
  • Requires an application
  • There is an end date
  • Outside of your required clinical hours
Cover Letter FAQ
Is there a limit to the length a cover letter?
There is no limit to the cover letter or the resume

Is there a specific format for the cover letter?
There is no specific format for the cover letter or resume.

Who should I address the cover letter to?
You may address the cover letter to the “Nurse Residency Program” or “To Whom It May Concern” either are acceptable

Does Stanford read each cover letter, or do they use a software application to scan for key words?
We read each and every cover letter, resume, and application. We do not use any kind of software to assist us with this process.

Should my cover letter target a specific position/specialty area that I am interested in?
It is not necessary to target a specific position/specialty but you are welcome to if you wish
Stanford Related Questions 
Are Lucille Packard Childrens Hospital and Tri-Valley separate hospitals from Stanford Health Care?
Yes. We are 3 separate entities. 

Does the residency program offer relocation?
Yes - on a case by case basis. 

Is the residency program a paid position?
Yes. Starting pay is $81.69/hour plus shift differentials
10% evenings, 18% nights and 5% weekends. 

General Application Questions
Can I choose my specialty area to work?
You will have the opportunity within the electronic application to rank your specialty areas of preference.

What is the difference between panel and unit level interviewing?
Panel level: Interview will consist of the panel interview facilitator, hiring managers for the specialty area, and 4-5 applicants. The interview is virtual and approximately 1hr in length but can be shorter or longer depending on answer length. Each applicant will have an equal opportunity to answer all the same questions.
Unit Level: Interview will consist of one or more applicant(s) and the hiring manager for the department being interview for. In the interview the hiring manager may include other members of the leadership team such as assistant managers or member of the staff. This interview may be virtual or in-person and will be 30-60min in length. See Interview webinar for additional specifics.

Can I interview for more than one specialty?
You will only have the opportunity to interview with one specialty

Is it manageable to be enrolled in a BSN-bridge program?
Being enrolled in a residency program as well as a BSN bridge program is manageable. Our recommendation that residents entering a bridge program and hired within our residency program speak with their unit/department leadership teams.

If I have applied before but was not selected, can I apply again?
Yes, you may apply again keeping in mind the official graduation date is no greater than 18 months from cohort start date and you do not have more than 6 months paid RN experience. 

Can I apply before I have my ADN/BSN?
Yes. Keep in mind you will need to have your degree prior to starting with us. 

Can I apply before I have my RN license?
Yes. Keep in mind, each cohort has a deadline to obtain your CA RN license by.