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Summer Administrative Internship Opportunities

Through our Administrative Internship Program, you'll discover how our clinical innovation extends into our operations and administrative settings.  Every Summer, we welcome graduate and undergraduate students for 8, 10, or 12-week, paid internships to gain hands-on experience that complements your academic learning.  Our administrative internship program is specifically designed for students that want to learn about healthcare operations and leadership.  We match each intern to a department, where a preceptor guides day-to-day work.  Our program also includes dedicated time for profesional development through seminars with our thought leaders, networking events, career tips, and social events. 


Each year, we have opportunities for students in high school, undergraduate and graduate programs to join our organization for the Summer as interns.  Various departments with intern spots change each year based on what special projects we have in our organization.   Projects are typically related to operational support, improvements, and strategic plans in the department. 

We also offer the following benefits to our interns:
  • Paid Internship
  • Work with assigned preceptor or mentor within the team/department for day-to-day work.
  • Professional development courses and networking opportunities
  • Small group leadership exposure
  • Social activities to build community with your fellow interns
Graduate experiences that are part of our formal Summer Administrative Internship Program are designed for students that want administrative (not clinical) training. Generally, we find that students pursuing master's degrees in health administrative, public health, the social sciences, and business align well to our program. We're open to many backgrounds if your interests and skill set align with our departmental needs. If we have a need for specialty skill sets like studio art or architecture (we sometimes do when we renovate spaces!), we will make sure to list them on our applications when they are opened each year. 

Undergraduate intern candidates must be pursuing a bachelor's or associate's degree from an accredited institution. 
For our general administrative experiences, we don't require a specific major or prior healthcare experience.  Instead, we're looking to see if you the following skillsets: 

Problem Solving: This includes your ability to adapt, seek information to understand the root cause of an issue, show attention to detail, prioritize work, and raise thoughtful questions. 

Communication: This includes actively listening to others, clarifying assumptions, and adjusting communication method and style appropriately to the situation.
Self-Management: This includes clarifying how you fit into the team and your goals, demonstrating self-awareness, accepting constructive feedback, and adjusting based on what you've learned. 

In our data analysis track, we also look for demonstrated statistical analysis skills, modeling, and sometimes coding language understanding. 

High School intern candidates must be currently enrolled in high school or equivalent education program. You must be at least 16 years of age or able to obtain a work permit. 

Application and Selection Process
  • Application: A completed application and resume are required to apply. Cover letters and letters of recommendation are not required. As part of the application process, applicant will complete written section of the applications. We expect students to not solely rely on the input of AI or Chat GPT. Applicants will be able to indicate preference of areas the are interested in within the application.
  • Screening: Applicants are selected for based on their resume and application.  We may ask additional questions to help us understand your interests and skills. Our intern program team may conduct further screenings to clarify points on your resume or prompts, confirm your availability for the summer, and answer questions from you.
  • Recommendation: The intern program team recommends you to a department/preceptor that they feel is a good match.  We do not accept requests from candidates to be in a specific department.
  • Interviews: Preceptors may conduct interviews virtually with the top candidates recommended for their position based on the application We use behavioral {short answer] interview questions. We grade these questions using a rubric. Following the interviews, final selections are made.